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Brian Middleton has been telling stories in one form or another for his whole life. His first comic book (published by his brother’s 4th grade teacher and the school’s copy machine) sold out at the distributor level. After that there was no looking back! After dipping his toe in the water with a handful of self-published and work-for-hire comics he decided to take the deep dive and create his first series, Wulfborne, at Scout Comics. He then turned his creative attention toward this project, Poiko: Quests & Stuff. The rest of his attention is focused squarely on his one wonderful wife, two beautiful daughters, and six (feel free, dear reader, to fill in here the adjective of your choice) cats.

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Poiko: Quests and Stuff



"Brian Middleton Jr. creates a whimsical story that’s almost dreamlike in its world-building."


"Showing Poiko as such a valuable part of a supportive community goes a long way to normalizing neurodiversity and showing what a healthy environment could look like for a kid with ADHD."




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